Weight Loss Journey on BodyMelt Diet

Weight Loss Journey My weight loss journey on BodyMelt so far has been really good. I am honestly shocked that the BodyMelt Vanilla protein shake tastes like dessert or a milk shake to me. I was not expecting a plant based vegan diet to taste that good! Really, to the...

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Veterans Day Discounts 2021

Here is a list of Veterans Day Discounts you don't want to miss! We are so thankful for all Veterans and active military. We appreciate everything you do for our country! Applebee's: FREE full size entry from special menu for Veteran and Active Duty. Bed Bath and...

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The goal at My3sonsmom has always been to help you save at the grocery store, at the mall, online and even on vacation to Walt Disney World. The kids were ALWAYS the top priority. As I got older, I realized that not taking care of myself is not a good thing. Fast forward to 2021, and although I love my kids more than life, I realize that I need to be healthy and take care of myself.

Maybe you have been like me, focused on the family and not making yourself a priority. You could be that mom with three kids in diapers, just trying to survive. (Been there!) Maybe you are now an empty nester and have the time to focus on you. Perhaps your kids just went off to college and this is the first time you have had time for yourself. Or you could be like me, a mom with a special needs adult child at at home, who finally realized I need to make myself a priority if I want to stay healthy.

I encourage you to join me and start making changes that make your mental and physical health a priority. I hope you do decide to join me and follow along as I start my weight loss journey to get my health back.

Order your Plant Based Wellness Pack and Lose the Weight

 Are you looking to lose 10, 20, or 30+ pounds. This proven plan has 4 pillars to cover all the bases. I love it! Included in your affordable monthly  Body Melt plan is detox, Micro Bio (probiotics), Burn, Green superfood, Energy drink and your choice of vanilla or chocolate plant based protein shake. Seriously the most complete plan with great ingredients. Check out the ingredient list here. Just click on BodyMelt for all the info.   

BodyMelt Greens Superfood

Body Melt Burn



Body Melt Detox
Micro Bio
Body Melt Micro Bio

Want to Join The FEARLESS Family?

Reach out to Lynette at My3SonsMom to join in on this journey. If you’d like to empower others to lose weight and get fit, you may wish to join our team as a leader. Call or text us at 941- 268-1354 or visit us on our Facebook page!

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Get Rid Of The Extra Fat – Be Fearless!

Get Rid Of The Extra Fat – Be Fearless!

Get Rid Of The Extra Fat Now!

I am so ready to get rid of the extra fat once and for all. I was already struggling with my weight issues. After dealing with a lock down in 2020 and more of it for many states in 2021, it’s no wonder. I am ready to get rid of the extra fat and the unwanted weight. We have been so worried about Covid and people getting sick and dying. The least I can do is be as healthy as I can possibly be. That is why I knew I wanted to improve my health losing weight and that whatever diet I would do, it would have to be something that is healthy.

My fat loss plan

I settled on the Body Melt plan with 4 pillars of wellness. It is honestly the most complete diet I have ever been on! In just 5 weeks, people lost 20-30 pounds. I personally just started the plan today. Well, last night I started with the detox. In the morning the first thing I did was make the energy drink. For breakfast I had the protein shake mixed with a scoop of greens superfood. I also took the micro bio probiotic and prebiotic blend. Honestly when I checked out the ingredients, and how many are organic, I was in. I don’t want to lose weight in an unhealthy way. I broke many bones not eating well so I know better than to make weight loss the only benefit. My goal is to be healthy AND lose weight.

Body Melt plant based diet

If you are also struggling with weight gain after our nine month virus lock down and have 10, 20 or 30 + to lose, you may want to consider the Body Melt program. Included in your product purchase is access to a BodyMelt private fb group so we can support each other! It is also a great way to hold each other accountable. .


My husband and I have been married for many years. He can eat anything he wants and never gain weight. That has not been the case for me, I feel like I can simply look at food and gain weight. So for me to find the BodyMelt weight loss program that has accountability and someone else to encourage me is helpful. In fact, today is my very first day on the Body Melt plan! I am definitely starting my year out right! I am ready to get rid of the extra fat right now!! I am tired of the excess in my life!

my3sonsmom bike

Order your pack today

This is seriously the first time I have found a weight loss plan that included so much and such good ingredients at such an affordable price. I was shocked I could get it all for $199. And, when you order now you even get a free BodyMelt shaker bottle! I have more than 30 pounds to lose so this is the perfect plan for me.

Reach out

You can follow my weight loss transformation here or at You can also call or text us at (941) 676-7300. This is the time to choose a healthy weight loss option.

Choose a healthy weight loss plan that has proven success. I would love for you to join me! Let’s turn 2021 into our best year ever! Be FEARLESS!

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