Weight Loss Journey

My weight loss journey on BodyMelt so far has been really good. I am honestly shocked that the BodyMelt Vanilla protein shake tastes like dessert or a milk shake to me. I was not expecting a plant based vegan diet to taste that good! Really, to the point that I am drinking it with a paper straw and loving it! I have been on so many diets and I have tried many plans. Some have tasted nasty or grainy! I was pleasantly surprised at the flavor. I literally open the jar and the smell of vanilla is amazing!

First two weeks

I am down 8 pounds!

The first two weeks flew by on this Vegan diet plan. It was easy to follow although having a sheet telling me when to take what supplement I could stick on the fridge with a magnet was nice. This plan gives you the option to replace 1 or 2 meals a day with their plant based protein shake. Since I have a significant amount of weight to lose, I decided to go with the 2 meal a day plan. It is nice to have options. Now that I know how delicious the shakes are, I honestly have no problem at all replacing 2 meals a day! I measured and weighed myself at the start of the diet.


I weighed myself after the first week and had lost 7 pounds and 3 inches around my waist! The results were completely shocking to me. I cheated a little the second week, and still lost another pound. So I am down 8 pounds in two weeks! My goal is to lose 70 pounds and be healthier. I am not really worried how long it takes me to lose it. The majority of my life I have been a heavy girl. I am going to lose the weight slow and steady in a healthy way. 🙂


What I am doing

So far the weight loss journey on BodyMelt has been easy. The first few days I was forgetting when to take which supplement, but I quickly got up to speed. It helps to have a sheet that tells you what to do! Once I printed that, I was set! My hubby is doing this diet with me as well, but I am sharing what I am doing.

Weight Loss Journey

  1. In the morning I take 2 of the Micro Bio which is the prebiotic, probiotic blend
  2. I have my energy drink and have mixed in the Greens Superfood. Some days I mix the greens superfood in the protein shake. Your choice.
  3. Mid morning I have my protein shake. I have been mixing it with unsweet vanilla almond milk but there are many recipes I have not yet tried. Some days I add berries, some days I add ice.
  4. Before lunch I take the Burn supplement. This is the one I was forgetting the first few days.
  5. Mid afternoon I do another shake. This one is always the Vanilla protein with 1 cup unsweet vanilla almond milk and a large handful of frozen organic strawberries. Some days I do the shake early evening. It just depends.
  6. I have a normal healthy dinner or a normal healthy late lunch.
  7. I snack. If I want something crunchy I do cashews, I also like grapes and Beyond healthy chocolate.
  8. I exercise 30 minutes most days. Some days I walk, some days I bike ride. As colder weather arrives, I am going to exercise with a tv or youtube program. So many options! I have been exercising the last year or so consistently once I learned that it helps keep your immune system strong.
  9. Before I go to bed, I take the detox product. You can take this 2 weeks and then you are supposed to skip a week before you start taking it again as needed. You can take 1 or 2 each night as needed. I started with 1 the first day.
  10. There is a Body Melt facebook group you can join once you order that is very helpful. People share recipes and encourage you. It is also nice to see how well people are doing on the plan.

I am melting!

Seriously I feel like I am melting. I am weighing myself once a week. What I really noticed was that my tops were looser in the belly area. I even tried on some tops that I had bought and were too tight. Those now fit nicely! After the first week I started noticing even my pants were loose and my underwear were sliding down! These are good problems to have! I can see that I have lost inches around the waist.

So is my hubby!

The first thing my husband noticed was that he was also losing weight around the middle. I am taking photos and as the weeks go by I will be sharing my weight loss progress. If you want to melt with me, I highly recommend the Body Melt plan. It has been easy to follow and has great ingredients for good health. I also like the 4 pillars of wellness. It includes the supplements so you are taking a probiotic, you are doing the detox, it gives you a burn supplement, an energy drink and the protein shake.

You get all of this for $199!

It is seriously a great deal. (Just know if you want to do 2 shakes a day like I am doing, make sure to order another supply of the shake. It is $45 for the second one, so really a good deal with how grocery prices have been lately!)

Are you Vanilla or Chocolate?

Once you have decided to lose the weight, all you need to do is decide if you want Vanilla or Chocolate. If you want to do two shakes, you might want to try both flavors. Get ready to start your weight loss journey on BodyMelt! Let’s lose the weight together! Once you are in the fb group, we can encourage each other! We got this! This is the year to get fit and healthy! My hubby and I just ordered our packs for next month as we realize this is going to be a way for us to get healthy and we don’t want to run out! Yes, we are real and we will take a few days to celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas. We will be right back on the plan after that. No excuses!

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