The Real Obesity Cause – It’s NOT your fault!

What is the Real Obesity Cause? The real obesity cause is the question of the day in my mind. I have always been heavy and have tried pretty much every diet that is out there. Some have caused me major health issues including breaking bones. Not wanting to go down...

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Get Rid Of The Extra Fat – Be Fearless This Year

Get Rid Of The Extra Fat Right Now! I am absolutely ready to get rid of the extra fat once and for all. As a heavy person the majority of my life, I was already struggling with my weight issues. Add Covid and the Pandemic lockdown for the last 9 months and 2020 is the...

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The goal at My3sonsmom has always been to help you save at the grocery store, at the mall, online and even on vacation to Walt Disney World. The kids were ALWAYS the top priority. As I got older, I realized that not taking care of myself is not a good thing. Fast forward to 2021, and although I love my kids more than life, I realize that I need to be healthy and take care of myself. Maybe you have been like me, focused on the family and not making yourself a priority. You could be that mom with three kids in diapers, just trying to survive. (Been there!) Maybe you are now an empty nester and have the time to focus on you. Perhaps your kids just went off to college and this is the first time you have had time for yourself. Or you could be like me, a mom with a special needs adult child at at home, who finally realized I need to make myself a priority if I want to stay healthy. I encourage you to join me and start making changes that make your mental and physical health a priority. I hope you do decide to join me and follow along as I start my weight loss journey to get my health back. I am FEARLESS. You can be too! 

Pick Your Pack and Lose the Weight

Decide if you would like to lose 10, 20, or 30+ pounds. This proven plan was featured on the cover of the American Journal of Bariatric Medicine, the Bariatrician. The average participant in the study lost 31.3 pounds in just 12 weeks and 5.8 inches around the waist.  

Fearless Rise

If your goal is to lose 10 pounds, this is the pack for you! You will recieve 30 of our XeTrm skinny sticks to help lose the weight and burn belly fat.


Fearless Momentum

This is the pack you want if you have 30 pounds or more to lose. This is the program most people choose because it encludes 2 protein shakes a day, healthy chocolates and the XeTrm skinny sticks. My3SonsMom recommends this!


Fearless Infinite

If you want to start slow, or have 20 pounds to lose, this may be just what you need! Includes 1 bag of Healthy Chocolate protein shake and the XeTrm skinny stick. This gives you a morning shake and an energy and belly fat burner for during the day.

Want to Join The FEARLESS Family?

Reach out to Lynette at My3SonsMom to join in on this journey. If you’d like to empower others to lose weight and get fit, you may wish to join our team as a leader. Call or text us at 941-268-1354 or visit us on our Facebook page!

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